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HondaGB500.com, a community for the great Honda GB500 Motorcycle and for all Cafe Racer enthusiasts!

Welcome to the HondaGB500.com website. It's now been over a month since I launched the new website and the number of visitors is increasing daily. I want to invite all GB500 owners and motorcycling enthusiasts to visit the site often and consider contributing your stories, photos and support to the site.

Everyone can join for free and everyone is welcome to post in the forum. If you would like to submit articles for publication, please first join and/or send me an email. I'll be happy to make you a contributor.

But I don;pt want this site to be limited to the GB500, so if you own any other motorcycle, Cafe Racers in particular, I invite you to join as well, publish your stories in the forum and your pictures or videos in the galleries.

This is "your" website and it will grow only if everyone participates.

gb500-01In the late '80's, Honda experimented with a number of very unusual motorcycles. The GB500 Tourist Trophy was one of them. Originally marketed in Japan as a 400, it was exported to the US, Europe and Australia as a 500. It was a moderate success in Japan, but in the US sales were hindered by the American love for large engines and dislike of the fairly high price tag. [Read More...]

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Written by Marco Conti Friday, 14 June 2013 12:24

First of all, my deepest apologies for all the troubles we have had with the site recently. As I explained in the previous article, a group of hackers came into the site and changed everyone's username and password to the same value. It doesn't look like they did much more damage than that, but I guess that was bad enough. They did this on about 30 sites we host on the server. Unfortunately a few of those sites did not have a backup available. They should have had one, but something went wrong a few months ago and we weren't aware of it.

I previously suggested that you try to restore both username and password to get back in the site. Apparently, that doesn't work well. The next option is to email me and I will change both username and password for you manually. I have just done it for one of the members and apparently it works. It may not work right away on the forum but that's because the forum need to be synced with the user table every once in a while, and I can do that manually. For now I prefer not to because in some cases it has preserved at least some usernames.

So email me and ask me to generate a new password for you. If you like I can use your email of record as a username or you can provide your own username. If you provide (or change it yourself at some point) the old username odds are that the forum will also work for you.

Now, for another important topic, I have been planning to upgrade the site to more modern (and more secure) software. The problem I have with that is that moving the image gallery and all the posts up to now in the forum would be very time consuming and error prone. I can try, but I cannot guarantee good results.

It would be easier to "freeze" the old site as an archive and then rebuild the new site with a new photo gallery, forum and such. I also have a facebook like software that would make the site much more interactive than it is now. I would like to discuss this with the more active members and I hope you all will contact me or discuss this on the forum once things have normalized a bit.

Again my apologies and email me to restore your accounts (It may take me a day of two to do it, but I will do it).

Thank you.


Can't login into site? Request new username and new password

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Written by Marco Conti Friday, 31 May 2013 17:39

First of all, my apologies for this inconveneience. A few days ago a group of hackers compromised our web server. The major impact of their hack was that every user was assigned the same username and password, making it impossible for users to login.

If you would like to retrieve your account follow this simple procedure:

1) First go here:  http://hondagb500.com/component/comprofiler/lostpassword

2) in this page you'll have a choice between resetting your password or username. Do the username first.

3) You'll receive an email at the email address you used to create your account (not every email will work it has to be the one assigned to your account)

4) Then you'll come back to the site and reset your username

5) Now, do the same procedure for the password and you should be OK.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me and send me your name and username. I will do the change for you manually.

PS: we are looking into migrating the website to a more powerful system. The problem so far is that we are unable to find a proper web gallery where we can move videos and photos and keep them connected to their present owners.

One thing we are looking into is to migrate to the new system and freeze the present site as an archive. What do you think?


Spammers and other lowlife creatures - Volunteer as a forum moderator

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Written by Marco Conti Friday, 11 November 2011 14:37

First of all, let me thank you all for frequenting this site. I built HondaGB500 several years ago in an afternoon and for the first few years there was hardly any activity. Recently, I have seen a lot more traffic and some life in the forum. It makes me happy to know that our very small community is using this resource I created.

Volunteer as a forum moderator: Email me and I'll make you a moderator in the forum so you can help me keep the forum clean.

In recent months, more than one user contacted me to let me know that spammers were flooding the forum. I tried deleting some of the posts but it was an uphill battle. Then more recently a frequent user volunteered to help and I made him a "Moderator" in the forum. That helped, but the spammers doubled their efforts.

Today I had a pretty good idea. I first found the spammer and I have banned him. He will be back soon enough. But I also installed a "Search and replace" program that is going to take his links and some of the brand names he is selling and change them to something else. So if you see posts that seem to mean nothing, that's the spammer. All the domain names I could find related to his "gold" will automatically redirect to hondaGB500.com. Some brand names will also change to my own RANT IN ALL CAPS.

No doubt, he will eventually use different domains and spell his shitty product slightly differently (like spammers have been doing with penile dysfunction medication for years now) but I plan to get each new spelling and create another Search & replace rule.

If you would like to help, I can make you a moderator and/or give you access and privileges to be able to delete posts from the forum. You have to promise that you will use this power just for the spam and not for people holding different opinions than yours, but we are not that controversial here.

Email me for more information on how to become a moderator. And thank you for frequenting HondaGB500.com.  I may have a surprise for everyone very soon that will make the site much more friendly and useful, but since I'll have to work it in my schedule I won't reveal it until launch day




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Source: Do I Brake or Do I Swerve: Motorcycle Crash Avoidance Maneuvering—Karl Shuman, Stein Husher, Michael Varant, Christopher Armstrong; KEVA Engineering, 2006

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